Shooting Blanks

Buying them this way (as opposed to through the manufacturer), the lightweight hoodies are more than half off. Here’s hoping I don’t get three of the same color…

This sale seems odd to me. Why unload all current shirt stock in a blank random sale?
Unless suppliers are changing again?

Same here, if it’s a supply change, it doesn’t seem it will make anyone happy because it’s not AA.

It’s not like stock of shirts goes bad, so they have to get rid of all the old shirts before they expire…

Maybe all these changes have bankrupt the Shirt.woot world and they’re going to stop selling shirts completely?

That’s hypothetical of course. I’m not sure they’re making more than they used to per shirt, but I’m sure they’re probably still making at least the same amount or more with the cheaper cost, extra plus sales, and the catalog being available now as well.

Remember the days of 3000 first day sellouts and a few 6000 first day sellouts(or almost sellouts, can’t remember if there were any 6000 sellouts)? Those types of numbers are very rarely reached now…

Ditto, and no gold ones.

Are the hoodies and the like AA?

some of your colors are not even close to what i like — hopefully u and ur staff have alot of BLACK

No, they are Anvil.

Now you will get everything BUT black.

Are the v-necks AA? It doesn’t give a brand but says made in the US. Am I correct to assume that US = AA and Honduras = Anvil across the board?

That’s the way it’s been for the last year, so I would say that is a safe assumption.

Cool! I have shopped very selectively since the switch so I wasn’t sure.

There are other blanks out there that are decent and non-AA, but they don’t cost less than Anvil.

I do see the Tultex 0202 as an Anvil 980 alternative, but with a smaller color palette and supply issues from time to time, I can’t imagine that being a good option either.

As a recipient of a well-this-shouldn’t-have-happened-shirt (the blanks were at least 2+ years old), there’s no expiration date in the standard sense. Storage conditions can dictate otherwise, however.

I hope not. More discussion on this at another time …

The first 6k sellout was Family Breakfast. The last 6k sellout was Shhhhhhh.

For clarification on who makes what:

**American Apparel: **
Random Blank AA LS Tee 2-Pack
Random Blank AA Tee 2-Pack
Random Blank V-Neck Tee 2-Pack
Random Blank Unisex Tank 2-Pack
Random Blank Ladies Tri-Blend Tank 2-Pack

Random Blank Anvil Tee 2-Pack
Random Blank Ladies Tank 2-Pack

Random Blank PO Hoodie
Random Blank Zip Hoodie
Random Blank Crewneck Sweatshirt 2-Pack

Alternative Apparel:
Random Blank LW Hoodie

Augusta Sportswear:
Random Blank Apron
Random Blank Zip Tote

Liberty Bags:
Random Blank Tote 2-Pack

If the gold is the goldenrod/mustard color, I do actually want one of those. But just ONE. Not three.

Thanks as always, Narf. :happy:

Oh, I like Gildan. Maybe I should order a blank hoodie or zip-up hoodie.

But blanks are so boring!

wasn’t expecting to see both this sale and the blanks sale on accessories.woot at the same time.

don’t forget about the blank sale on the main woot page too

Randoms sales, posted in three places, of blanks they currently use …

I’ll speculate later …