Shooting Blanks

Just remember what happens when you assume anything. =P

The truth is, our landlord is coming by next Monday to fix the bathtub drain and we gotta clear out the guest room. All the other speculation is fun to assume, but we just need to make room. It’ll be nice to have guests again.

That argument would’ve worked … except these aren’t slated to ship until 10/02! :tongue:

This is one of the scenarios I have …

Also, I sent both you and Travis an email that may be of significant importance. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve some weird foreign scheme or cats or anything.

ETA: Oops, wrong account. Forgot to change back after stuffing the ballot boxes. :slight_smile:

why on earth would you spend the money on plain teeshirts of a random color? thats not fun at all. and you can go to the store and get a color you want for way cheaper. WTF woot?

Narf wasn’t assuming, just thinking about speculating at a later time

Yeah… I buy Woot apparel for the designs, not the fit. If I wanted a plain shirt I’d go to a store I can try it on at.

Correct. I started the discussion here

Ooooh, what happens?

that’s classified

I got my tracking email yesterday, and according to FedEx the estimated delivery date is November 6th. NOVEMBER. I’m hoping it’s just a mistake; if not, FedEx has decided to ship from Texas to Northern California by going east instead of west.

Thumperchick and renegadetim, the shirts have AA tags instead of woot tags. I’m guessing that’s the reason for the purge.

Actually I ordered 2 of the Long Sleeve AA shirts and they were made by Gildan, not AA. And sadly they sent me two of the same color. :frowning:

What the?! Just when I didn’t think they could possibly mess up a product that doesn’t even need printing …

Send an email to support@woot …