Shooting Blanks

So, Woot can offer random blank AA t-shirts, but almost always offer Anvil printed t-shirts. What’s the deal?

and it’s not even a good deal

I would pass on these blanks or any of these random deals. This is their way of clearing inventory. Or if you really want to just do one order. Make sure you do not order from this deal and the other on shirt.woot on the same order. I’ve done that in the past and the screw up the order each time, by sending only half the purchase.

Not only will they screw up the t-shirt count, but when they “fix” it, expect the whole package to have the same color shirt. To give you an example, the last “random” order, the fix my shorted order by sending 5 “Watch it grow”, 3 “georgetown waitlist”, 2 “yale waitlist” and “2 notre dame waitlist”. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there was one or two dups, but it seems like they just grab whatever stack of shirts is there to fill the order. So you may get all green shirts.

My last order of AA blanks was also screwed up. I ordered 18 between the two sites offering the blanks and only got half on the first shipment. 1 green, 1 orange, and 7 baby blue. The rest of my order came a while later and was 9 more baby blues. Although they quickly fixed the screwed up order it was a pretty bad “random” selection of shirts.

Definitely would not order them again.

Hello aka HELP!

I’ve got a few things in the cart that I need for Fall/Winter, but…

Even though everything says ‘free shipping’ the cart says nope, $5 required.

un repeatager: HELP!?

I love the light weight hoodies, and have been waiting for ever for them to sell another design I like (and they’re too expensive to just get a so-so design). I figure this is a good stop gap. If I get a colour I like, great. If I get one I don’t like, it’ll still be useful for wearing around the house - and I’ll know never to order that colour in the future.

Another word of warning on these: a while back they offered a “random pack of thee polo shirts” deal. I needed some work shirts so I bought three packs. I got exactly the same colors in each pack so it wasn’t exactly “random.”

Thanks Obama.

I don’t mind a blank, but no one sticks me with a random colour. I look like a corpse in green. I need a new zip-front, but @ $20, not taking the chance.

Only Shirt.Woot items have free shipping in the US. If you had a non-shirt.woot item in your cart, there will be a $5 shipping charge for the order.

Considering the shirt designs offered in the last 18 months or so random shirts are pretty much guaranteed to be nothing I’d wear.

This sale has no design, it is a blank. You just have no say it what color blank you are getting.

In other words:

DO NOT ORDER RANDOM SHIRTS FROM WOOT, unless you do it from Shirt.Woot.

No, I didn’t say that. I said shirt.woot items. These are shirt.woot items. I put one in my cart and had free shipping just fine.

Settle down the caps lock.

I will NOT be burned again! I have three baby blue, three tan, and three orange tees from previous “random” sales.

Is shirt woot once again changing suppliers of their blanks? I have not seen any traffic about it but that does not mean anything. Thanks!

No idea, but I may speculate later in the shirt.woot forums

That’s better than the 9 BB blanks I ended up with that time …

Thank you for the reply! Indeed, when I pushed through the order the $5 threatmonster disappeared!

Much gratitude!!

Oh, sorry!