Shooting Targets, Sights and Optics

These bouncing targets look like entertaining reactive targets for .22s.
I used to shoot golfballs as a kid and loved their reactions to dead center shots or hitting low or on the sides…

Good times :slight_smile:

The “bouncing” targets actually see more wear from using .22lr rounds than a bigger caliber, i can’t seem to notice where i have hit mine with a .45, but it seems to catch any hp .22 shells.

Why is PayPal disabled? I’m trying to order a bullet trap and I have a PayPal balance that I’d like to use. Never encountered anything like this on Woot before.

i’m sorry. we’re sorting out some technical issues and we hope to have it back up and running soon.

apologies again for the inconvenience.

No worries! As long as it comes back up before the sale ends/the item sells out!

Really, a .50 BMG boresighter? Could you possible pick a less common cartridge?

If it was a big seller, it probably wouldn’t end up on woot, would it?

probably the same reason they only ever have .17 air rifles.

Just waiting for Woot! to have a boresighter for my 577 Tyrannosaur…

.51 Gyrojet?

If you have Prime the bore sight is $3 cheaper on Amazon and will certainly ship faster…

Ok, it’s been like 3 days. I wanted to use PayPal on Woot, but if that doesn’t work, may as well put an extra $3 or so on my CC and order from Amazon. This would be the first non-shirt item I’ve bought from Woot since July of last year.

You, sir, have won the internets.

I don’t know. It’s perfect for my “Ma Deuce.”


Well, Woot, you couldn’t fix PayPal in time, so I couldn’t place my order. Guess my 11-month streak of only buying shirts because nothing else has been a good enough deal continues.

Sorry, it’s working now if you are already set up for PayPal.