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I still split wood with an 8lb maul, assisted with steel wedges for huge rounds, for the couple of cords we use in a year (Doug fir, hemlock, madrona, maple and alder on our land).
Still, there’s times I’m thinking about those automatic wood splitters…

the Scheppach M90700 and the Grizzly T10687 appear to be the same saw.


I doubt this wood splitter would be of much use for anything other than stuff that didn’t really need split in the first place.

Sorry, different tool.

Sorry, my bad, thought you were referring to the M90500!

The 7" wet tile saw is, in my opinion, the worst power tool I have ever owned, and that’s saying something. The blade guard isn’t. The motor is so underpowered that it stops instantly on pushing the tile anywhere near the blade. Save yourself a headache, and buy a real tile saw or get someone to put in your tile for you.

Hey woot! Staff…

What’s the right warranty info on the vices in this plus event?

Your page says one year but the manufacture and Grainger say it should have a lifetime warranty.


Can you provide a link to the page you’re looking at from the manufacturer? I’m having a little trouble finding the same item on their page.