Shoplogic Pigtail Adapter

I don’t get it.

These are great, but since you can only buy 3 the shipping is just too high. They should have sold them in 5-packs.

useful for power supply dapters, get several to save $$$

I’ve never seen something that seems so functionally useless before…

OMG I am staying up for this …

Can I duct-tape a few together and call it a power squid???

I’ll laugh at anyone who is not “in for 3”

tempted to buy 3 to see next woot…work is soooooooo boring

If I buy 20 of these I’ll have a pretty cool extension cord.

Cheapest woot item ever?

Damn it!!! Where were these 3 woot offs ago! I spent about a dollar for each one.!!!

In for 3. These are very handy if you have to plug heavy duty appliances into recessed or otherwise hard to get at sockets. I’m using 2 for UPS applications.

Agreed. Otherwise, I’d pick up 10 or so.

just what does this adapt to or from ??

2% bought 1

im laughing with you

In for 3. These are great for those big power blocks that tend to take up the space of both plugs on the wall.

should have been a pack of 5 for a dollar =P not worth 5 dollars shipping either way

All I need is 6 more inches!

Meh. I can get them anytime at the dollar store - with lighted ends even!