Short-Sleeve Men's T-Shirt – 5 Pack

Well, why not? It’s less than the cost of one new at a retail store, and I’m getting 5! If I hate the color or anything else, I’ll give them to my brother, lol

I always buy these when they have them in the 3XL size. Honestly, 5 shirts for 8 bucks, even with the 5 dollar shipping it’s still worth it.

Seems like a better deal than the $22 plain t-shirt that was featured on deals.woot yesterday.

Bummer. Need 2XL.

well 15 shirts delivered for like 28 bucks not bad.
for bike ride and work out works for me…

I’ve purchased 2 sets of 3 boxes each (3XL) in the past. They are quality shirts, and out of the 15 in each set I’ve only had a couple that were colors I’d normally not wear.

FYI - these are not the usual Shirt.Woot shirts, so you may not have to go up one size to find shirts that fit.

grrr. wish they had larger sizes, i need more t’s

Noooooooooo. Clicked buy and they sold out. Must be faster. No hesitation. Just click.