Shortest Woot-Off EVER????

who killed the woot-off???

This post.

Nah, I’ve seen shorter back when we had Old Woot.

I prefer to think that they’re girding their loins, preparing their servers for the upcoming bandoleers of carrots that are sure to come.

Well, the BOC killed it actually. And now everything is broke. We’re running in circles panicking. We think that will fix it.


That’s no worse than how Old Woot used to work.

Except THEY used more duct tape.

Did you find the key master yet??? Heard he and Zuul can fix everything!!

At least the Salami’s are still there…

I thought those were cigars when I first looked


Looks like you guys are in the middle of turning it off and turning it back on again. That usually works.



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New item - but no flashy lights :frowning:

Because that item is from Wootbusters.

We’re faking it. LOL

If you’re gonna fake it, at least put up a BOC

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Wouldn’t be a woot-off without a system crash :slight_smile:

It is the OLD WOOT!!!

Thanks for bringing back the Original woot!


If somebody gets fired for this, do we get to vote on who?


Are you saying we can do this like Survivor Style?

Too bad we can’t #blameamy!

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it’s alive