Should I be worried about this?


According to my FedEx tracking number, my woot item from Monday was delivered today at 3pm… but I neither recived a knock on the door or found a package over my welcome mat. I was home all day today.


Yeah, I think worrying would be a good idea. An even better idea would be calling FedEx first thing tomorrow morning and letting them know you were home, so you don’t get some song and dance from them.


I called them and they said they would speak with the driver. I don’t use FedEx often, so I didn’t know if their tracking system sucked or if their driver was just a dumbass. To be fair, it was 10 degrees outside, maybe he was just too cold to think?


Perhaps you were preoccupied with throwing your chicken.

Ever go to a Southern Culture On The Skids show?


Has anyone else had a problem like this? What is the usual outcome?


Swelling, vomiting, and then death.
But maybe you’ll beat the odds.


Fedex lost 4 of my woots so far… Their tracking sux, the tracvking says i havent even received an item yet, that I received over a month ago. PICK UPS!!



Sigh, well they still haven’t found it yet, that I know of. I went door to door in the complex to see if anyone got the package and no one (who was home) claimed to have had it.


I’ve had them put they were going to deliver it (from the tracking # on their website), but to only get back that night and show that it was to be delivered the next day. I waited all day the 1st day since I knew it was coming! I was a bit miffed, but it never said it was delievered… just out for delivery.


Wonderful Woot. They have agreed to send me new product with signature confirmation.