Should make shipping FASTER...or at least attempt

Someone should focus on why it takes so long to get purchased items. Receiving the merchandise which was ordered takes so long you sometimes forget what you bought…

How long ago did you order it?

And I often get Woot purchases several days after I order them.

Yes, woot’s Pony Express ain’t like it used to be.

Here’s me getting my last package from woot.
From their pony express.
As woot most certainly controls the delivery pipelines with an iron fist.

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Hi there. We are doing our best. There’s a lot going on in the Amazon warehouse, vendors, shippers, etc. that are making our job quite a bit harder than usual.


There is still a wee bit of a pandemic going on that’s still having a wee bit of an effect on these things.


Yeah, I was beating around the bush but that’s exactly the issue.


Woot’s shipping needs to be slower. I’d like to forget what I bought from here so I can put off the regret until later.

Alternatively I can blame it on my weird aunt.

“Oh look. She must have sent me this autographed baggie and this case of magic erasers for my birthday that was 3 months ago.”


You can always build a bot that logs into woot with a daily limit, and crams a cart full of goodies until that allowance is met, and have it shipped to you.

Example - Michael Reeves had a similar concept but linked it into his twitter followers.


If you forget what you order, just think how pleasantly surprised you’ll be when you get it! “Wow, I’ve been wanting one of these things. Thanks, Santa!”


Speaking from experience?

If so, when did this happen?


I figured. But to be fair, I think shipping has been pretty fast, even in the face of the pandemic. An exception was for some shoes I bought but you were upfront about it and I received an email explaining that there was a delay.

I do have one item I’ve purchased recently that has yet to ship but it’s some fabric face masks so a delay there wasn’t unexpected.

In other words, I think you guys are doing as well as can be expected.

I’m still annoyed my pooping gnome order was canceled, though.

I need that gnome.

We were going to be best friends.

It would have been beautiful.

So sad.



Another daily deals site is offering using super slow shipping, just like “the old Woot”.

Currently there are multiple threads on their forums about how slow it is.
facepalm cat


When you absolutely must get it eventually. Maybe.


That’s just a daily BOC. We already get them bi-monthly.

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Do you remember when you sent me that birthday card?

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The one with the prepaid Visa, or the OTHER one?

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The OTHER one.

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Ok, so I’m calling it.

Don’t buy shirts from Woot until they get their gear cleaned. I was pretty excited to get my shirts today.

First was Papa Charlie Fred and the rest of the smurf gang. I get it. The shirt is blue. But buy some pigment for fox’s sake.

Next. Next is truly a monster abomination. Is that burnt? Is it coffee? What the help Woot?

Third times the charm right? Nope. Let’s assume its burnt on snot. I couldn’t get it to show up on the picture very well, but its yellowed around the popsicles where it was pressed or pooped on or something.

Finally, why are three same sized shirts from the same port & co different lengths? Two are pretty close.

I miss Woot when it was better.

Edit: I checked the other two shirts I got this week. Another one is stained and there’s yellowing around the graphic on Olaf. I haven’t washed any of them.


I think the shirt printing presses have the dreaded CORONA BUG. :bug: