Shower Heads

Does the twist model come with hose or is it just the head? Looking on the Moen website, that model # is just the replacement part head. The whole Twist has the hose and sliding bracket and costs considerably more. I’m confused.

Wondering about the Delta 54445-SS-PK Shower Mount Hand Shower. It says shower arm and flange not included. So is it just the law and head or does it have the mount and holder for the head that attached to the pipe in the shower?

It does have the mount and holder for the head. It’s exactly what’s pictured.

From a personal standpoint, I bought a similar Delta shower head, and I had to get a couple different pipes before I was happy. The hose hits the wall (which annoys me) if the pipe is too short, but I didn’t want the pipe too long because that makes the shower head too low.

About the
Moen 3867 Handshower with 69" Hose and Slide Bar

How does the slide bar attach to the wall and how does the hose attach to the pipe… it looks like there is no pipe from the picture shown. Thanks.

Does the Moen 160042 Multi Function Hand Shower include a hose and holder, or is it just the shower head?

It’s just the showerhead- we’re making the listings more specific about what does/does not come with them, hopefully that’ll help selecting!