Showerheads for the Bathroom

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Showerheads for the Bathroom
Price: $14.99 - 24.99
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Ummm… So a simple websearch on these models (or at least the three dual-head ones) comes up with just these “deal”-type links. No real product info and/or reviews for any of these suckers anywhere to be found, it would seem.

Doesn’t exactly give me a whole heap of confidence that they’re not just a cheaply-made assembly o’ crap that’s gonna fall apart in four months max.

Anybody there wanna direct me to some useful information? Thanks.

I got the dual-head 1820 back in Feb and they are working just fine. They do feel light and cheap but for $20, meh.

Thanks for the info. But watch out… your four months are about to expire… :open_mouth:

How many gallons per minute do these eat up?

There’s a drought and it’d be better for my bill.

I bought this a year or so ago on woot for master bathroom in new house I was building. It was so cheap I ended up throwing it out. Go to Home Depot and get yourself a real shower head. This is not what you’re expecting and you will be disappointed.

Why are shower heads listed under T&G, and not home?

Bought a similar shower head / hand-held combo on a previous woot (same company, not the same models)

I’d have been better off at Home Depot. In part because of price, but mostly because I could have returned it.

I purchased the two head chrome model from a previous woot approx 4 years ago. I have been pleased with the purchase.

A few months ago, the switch which routes water to either head or both stopped working. It still works, but is always sending water through both heads.

For the price, replacing it every 4 years isn’t a bad deal.

It sounds like this is a cheap plastic shower head. I don’t see the materials listed in the specs. Can someone confirm? I really don’t want a plastic shower head, but if all chrome, I may give it a shot.

It looks to be chrome finished plastic.

These showerheads where on groupon about 5 months ago, my girlfriend bought one. She sent it back a week later. It did not function properly and would not switch in any manner.
Basically, they are raging plastic pieces of junk. They are extremely cheap, flimsy, low grade plastic. Obviously, not the kind of thing which inspires confidence. RUN away from these showerheads. Seriously.

What are the cartridges for in the Aquagenix 1495?

“Showerheads for the Bathroom”. don’t be fooled if you are looking for one for you living room. These are not living room showerheads! Fool me once…

Because it takes TOOLS to install it and you can use it on your GARDEN if you try really hard.

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