Showtime Pro Rotisserie & BBQ Oven with 15-Piece Accessory Kit

just set it and…


I’d be more tempted if they would break it down into 4 easy payments.


Knock one of the payments off.

This is by far the best tool to cook a chicken with. Hands down. I have given one of these to every one of my family members. I am dead serious.

Produces great tasting food, but it’s much bigger and a bigger b*tch to clean than the infomercials would have you believe.

AND it comes with a flavor injector!

If we wait will there be more?

I’m stunned. Over 5 years–never been first sucker. Basking in the glory. Gotta go to bed. Thank you.

OMG, This is what the pros use!!!

Why am I not suprised that Texas is the only state that has Wooted thus far?

Help me, Mister Popeil!

You want an infomercial, you get an informercial: but the price listed on that website is way more than what the informecial says–it sounds like the price here. Bonus: Jill Whelan from The Love Boat is his co-star.

I think this is the product website:

$54 w free shipping at Dollar General with coupon code DG5OFF25

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We don’t have this particular model, but we do have an older Ronco Showtime, and let me tell you: you have never smelled a lovelier chicken. And if you have, pictures or it didn’t happen.

My inlaws also have yet another model of this machine, and it’s just as fantastic. Both have lasted for years.

One tip: salt the bird a bit before you put it in, even if you’re not planning to add any other seasonings (which is crazy, because you should also totally rub Stubbs Chili Lime all over it, too). It doesn’t take much, but it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to flavor.

I got the Standard (white) model as a gift about 9 years ago and I love it. Turkey breast takes 12-15 minutes per pound. Beef and Veggie kabobs take about 20 minutes. It truly is “Set it and forget it”.

The hardest thing to master is centering food on the spit. It usually takes me two or three tries to get it (any other owners have tips?).

The only negative is that the unit does take up a bit of counter space. I bag mine up and store it in a closet between uses.

I toss everything (including the door sometimes) into the dishwasher, and it all comes out OK.

That’s not the same unit. The one in the link is the Standard size, but has a digital timer (hence the “Platinum edition”).

This one is larger.

If I wait, I hope it will be for less, as in less money.

I had one, and it was great. I got rid of it because of a out-of-state move, and have truly missed it.

This thing makes delicious chicken, and is really easy to use.

Rather than using the silicone gloves that they provide to remove the chicken, I used roast cutting tongs (something like this: that I happened to have to extract the chicken.

For best results, coat the chicken with Worcestershire sauce or some Armenian garlic sauce (those of you fortunate enough to have a Zankou Chicken near you knows what I’m talking about!) when the chicken is about half-way done.

Oh man, I’m now having a hankering for some chicken!

A good deal. We have one, and the only thing I’ll say is, if you’re cooking a big bird (not to be confused with Big Bird), be sure to secure the wings to the main body. These make some incredibly tasty morsels, but if a wing comes loose and starts dragging on the drip tray and eventually the heating element, oh boy does it get stinky fast.

Word to the wise for easier drip-tray cleanup: toss a layer of aluminum foil into the lower section of the drip tray.

Bit of a pain on the larger birds, getting the spikes through the bird perfectly centered, but well worth the bit of effort.