Shun 4-Piece Ultimate Steak Knife Set

These were in my wedding registry. Didn’t get any.

Take a look at a couple of 5 Star Reviews

[MOD: Those are Shun Elite with SG-2 Steel. Ours are Ultimate with VG-MAX steel]

this looks like the utility knife i bought before…

[MOD: Those are Shun Classic with VG-10 Steel. Ours are Ultimate with VG-MAX steel]

Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at

[MOD: Those are Shun Classic a straight edge. Ours are Ultimate with a serrated edge.]

Can you sharpen them later? Hard to spend this much on something that can’t be sharpened right?

Hmm. I just bought the ones from a few days ago that were $100. These are the supersteel ones, and the cheaper ones I got were not.

I feel like the ones I got are a better fit for use on a plate (steaks knives, after all). I may need to sharpen them, but I wont have to worry as much about chips.

Nice deal either way though.

You could send them away for free sharpening by Shun, but you almost certainly could not hone them at home. I’ve got a Shun bread knife that has the same serration type - I don’t bother to try to do it at home (although, it has NEVER needed it either).

I don’t know. Unless I plan on eating my steak off a cutting board, these knives are overkill. A Shun vs a ceramic plate . . . Cringe-worthy.

I like the steel used in these knives better than the $100 set I bought here a few weeks back, and I like the presentation box…but I like the set I purchased better. ANY serrated knive will cut a steak. IMHO, giving a Shun knive serrations kind of defeats the purpose. YMMV.

These knives do not appear to be serrated as described, but rather scalloped. There should never be a need for serrations with a Shun.

I waited and waited for woot to sell these and finally gave up. Bought a set in an eBay auction for $200 plus $9 shipping and I thought I stole them.

IMO, these are the best steak knives on the market.

  1. You can use it on porcelain because of the way it’s used. Think about how you cut your steak while eating. The only part of the blade that touches porcelain is the middle of the front curve. The rest of the knife touches only meat, so the sharpness of the blade’s edge is protected in that way.

  2. Since the blade is scalloped (which is a little different than serrated), the edge of the blade within each valley of the scallop is protected from harm that might be caused by your porcelain dinner plate.

  3. The scalloped edge slices cleanly through the meat, unlike a typical serrated knife which tends to tear through the meat. This results in each slice of meat being slightly tastier because less juice is running out from the slice onto your plate (of course, if you like your steak well done, this won’t matter).

This is a buy (which is why the percentage buying 3 is currently at 14% - look for these to flood ebay and amazon in the coming weeks and the current price ($250-$260) on those sites dropping significantly).

The ones on Ebay are the CLASSIC 5" steak knifes. I don’t see any for sale with the 4.5" blades matching this woot. DM0751 is inscribed in these blades while all the ones on Ebay are DMS0420.

Personally, I like a plain, high carbon blade for a steak knife. I have a set that is probably well over 60 or 70 years old. They cut through ANYTHING like hot butter. Of course, I have a pretty sophisticated sharpening system that keeps them at peak razor sharpness, so that helps. I loves me some old high carbon knives. :slight_smile:

I asked our buyer who knows a thing or three about knives.

Scalloped knives are serrated knives. Serrated knives come in pointed, scalloped, or saw-toothed.

I’ve learned my new thing for the day. Guess I can go home.

The DM0751 has nothing to do with these knives being offered on Woot today.

This set of knives for sale today are DMS0420.

Go to eBay and search “shun ultimate steak”. You’ll see plenty of these steak knife sets. They are all significantly more money than these here on Woot. They are all DMS0420 - the same as the ones here on Woot. The difference is, the woot knives come in a bamboo box, and the ones on eBay (up to now) come in a black cardboard gift box.

The price is already coming down. I think sellers are putting up the woot knives now in advance, in order to beat the rush and make a profit.


I think “scalloped”, when used in reference to knives, is a relatively new word. And sure, I can see how a scalloped knife can be described as serrated. But I think it’s clear that “scalloped” implies rounded peaks in the blade, since “scalloped” comes from those wonderful round fish-like things… :smiley:

These might seem expensive at first, but think of all the money you’ll save purchasing less expensive steak–your guests will marvel at how easily their knives slice through their mediocre steak and think, “Wow! this meat is so TENDER!” . . . and be none the wiser (until they chew, of course, but that’s their problem, right?).

If you look at their estimated ship dates, they’re probably buying from us and reselling. You can always pay more there if you prefer. :tongue: