Shun Cutlery

the 4pc block set includes the BLOCK as a piece… so it’s only three knives and not four

tricky tricky woot, not a fan

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a knife set with block in which the block is not counted as a piece. That’s just what the industry does. It isn’t Woot’s fault.

It’s already sold out but the description I’m reading says there are 4 knives. The picture shows 4 as well so I was prepared to be outraged if it only came with three.

That’s common for knife blocks sets.

I think you’re look at the steak knives. He’s looking at [url=]this one which clearly shows 3 knives and a block. The description describes it the same way.

No outrage needed.

I’ve been looking for the steak knives for a while now. Amazon has them for $200+ per set, so picking up 2 sets for the price of one is pretty awesome!

Love the chef’s knives. Best I’ve ever owned. Threw my Henkels in the trash…

was waiting for more Edo steak… sold out…

That was fast, all sold out.