Shun Edo 3-Piece Knife Set

Four near perfect reviews (4.8 put of 5.0) on the 7.5 inch knife over at amazon

Hello my name is …& I’m a knife aholic what makes these shun knives better than the classic

Lot’s of comments from when this was sold back in July

These knives are about form over functionality. They’re made of AUS-8 metal as opposed to VG-10. I won’t go into too much detail as to what that means, but the end result is you’re looking at a softer metal that’s going to etch easier, that’s going to go dull faster, that’s going to chip easier, and in general will function less adeptly than better knives. I know some of the Amazon listings and what not list these as VG-10, but if you dig around online you’ll find that this is in error and that all of them are AUS-8.

They’re gorgeous, make no mistake about it. But the quality of them is not there. These are the “Wal-Mart” line of Shun’s.

[MOD: The steel is as stated in the sale, confirmed in person]

Woot also lists them as VG10, except for the boning knife. It’s not wise to use a boning or steak knife with VG10 because the hard surfaces chip the brittle VG10 steel.

We’ve actually received from the vendor the following information:

· 7 ½” Santoku Knife = Solid VG10 Steel
· 6” Boning Knife = AUS8A Steel
· 6 ½” Chef’s Knife = Solid VG10 Steel

I snagged a set of these in July (along with the 7-piece block set) and love them thus far. They feel nice and balanced and slice through tomatoes effortlessly.

Walmart being relative, of course, these are extremely good knives still.

I just wouldn’t recommend them to beginners. They are super sharp but the edge is hard to maintain and is easily damaged. And they are very hard to sharpen.

If you are buying for looks, or are a knife handling pro, seems like a good deal. If you are buying to learn, bad idea. You’ll put an eye out, kid. It’s a good discount, but you’re better off going with some cheap thing at a kitchen supply store.

I have the classics, so my knowledge is limited to those, but I will say I LOVE them. I begged the wife for a set of Shun’s and I think she was a bit hesitant because of the price. Now, when we make dinner, guess who cuts up the veggies and slices the meats, not me anymore. I just get to clean my new knives after she uses them. FYI they will sharpen them free for life, USA headquarters is in Oregon, just down from my house. :slight_smile:

I’llget right to the point. You’re all a bunch of cut-ups. Talk about your sharp wit! Kinda edgy though. I need to be careful, sarcasm cuts both ways.


You are wrong! In very general terms, hardness always comes at the cost of toughness. And vice versa, for that matter. It’s just the way it is. So VG10 is harder than AUS-8, so it will hold an edge a bit longer, and because its increased hardness, it is not as tough as AUS-8 thus making it more likely to chip. Both very good steels and with 5 seconds on a honing rod before each use, you will not notice a difference. [MOD: No personal attacks, pls]
Sorry MOD, social decorum blurs sometimes when words are not actually spoken and the audience are cartoons :slight_smile:

I wish this company made a knife called the Conner.

Everytime I used it, I’d look at it and say, “Nothing compares to you.”

can anyone comment on the handle size? I need new knives, and I cook a lot. However, I have small hands and short fingers, so I’m looking for a good match for me. I realize I could probably find this information in the last Woot! sale discussion or from Amazon reviews, but I’m home with a brand new infant, and reading reviews just isn’t going to happen. Really hoping that someone else who has done the research will comment and help out a new (and sleep-deprived) mom.

I got the 7.5" Santoku for my birthday a couple years ago. It’s my MAIN knife. It cuts well, including things like Tomatoes. It does need to be re-sharpened relatively frequently, however, I’ve yet to need the edge ground.

The handle has a bit of a bulge, but the knives are usually supposed to be held near the point where the knife enters the handle, with fingers on the sides of the blade itself. My hands are larger than average, so I have no real problem with the handle. My girlfriend, who has smaller hands, has used my knife from time to time when I’ve tried teaching her how to cook and she seems to manage a decent grip.

I highly recommend the Santoku. However, I’ve not used the either two knives (and if I had them, I’d probably rarely use them too).

These look like they are a cut above my current set. Someday, I’ll have enough money to blow and nothing better to do with that much cash (lol, yeah right!) and then I can quit coveting and pull the trigger. 'Cause, who brings a knife to a gun fight?

I guess I’m a little too ‘hard up’, and my wife would agree the boner we have works just fine even if it isn’t as luxurious. No need to go under for the knife.

Bought these in July and love them! Just watch out these things are SHARP! and they stay sharp a long time.

Except for the fact that I’m not. Look, all it takes is a 5 second Google search to find a number of forums where the ONLY thing they discuss are knives to find a lot of people who have ordered these things and then immediately ended up sending them back because they noticed that the metal was not VG10 even though that’s what they were marketed as, followed by a million comments of people saying the exact same thing about what that means. Shun themselves will tell you that, with the exception of the boning knife, you’re not supposed to cut anything that at one point had bones with the other knives, and will actually invalidate the warranty on them if you do (it’s the same thing w/ the Ken Onion Santoku). So who am I going to believe? Bob Kramer and an army of knife freaks…or someone who gets upset at the mention that his knives are the bottom quality line for a certain company?

[MOD: The steel is as stated in the sale, confirmed in person]

I bought this knife set in the July sale. I have small hands and find the set very balanced and easy to use. I have had a Rachael Ray set with a Santoku for about 4 years so I am used to larger, heavier knives. I use the santoku for pretty much everything, and absolutely love the heft and balance of the Shun Edo knife that comes in this set. I’m not sure how it would feel to use them if you weren’t used to larger knives, but I can say that even with small hands I don’t have any trouble and really love my knives. Hope this helps!