Shun Edo 3-Piece Knife Set

**Item: **Shun Edo 3-Piece Knife Set
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: New

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How to use a Shun Edo knife [youtube=7vsDrjDpJp8][/youtube]

Bought this from woot in the past. Love it. It’s an orgasm in every slice that won’t break the bank.

It’s no top of the line knife, but it’s no joke either. Great entry level knife/set that does the job.

Let’s learn all about the warranty

Let’s learn about product care over at the product page

List price of $776? You have got to be kidding me. They better cook meals for me, for even $200.

Boo just bought these for 30 dollars more about 3 weeks ago. Money well spent these are amazing knives.

Not top of the line? Are you serious?
Won’t break the bank? Again, are you serious?

To be fair, there are even higher-quality knives out there. Handmade by masters of their trade. You can easily pay four figures for each one. Of course, only a really good, really serious chef would drop that kind of cash on a piece of fine cutlery.

And $200 is breaking the bank? Seriously? For a one-time purchase that should last you a lifetime, that’s not very much.

I own the Shun Classic knives, and they really are awesome. You’re truly missing out if all you’ve used are the cheap $30 block sets of knives. The Shun knives are super-sharp! They slice tomatoes with ease. And they stay sharp for a long time. Just don’t go hacking at anything hard, since these have the thinner, sharper, Japanese-style bevel. They’re precision instruments, not meat cleavers. Hack at some chicken bones and you’ll chip the blade.

For $200, these knives are easily worth it, and should last you forever, if you take care of them. It may sound expensive, but think about all the cheap knives that you’ve broken or dulled over the years, or the ones that have started rusting or falling apart, and then they’ve been thrown out. Get a NICE set of knives once[/] and don’t look back. You won’t be sorry!

Every year, America’s Test Kitchen keeps coming back to the Forschner Chef’s knife as the most versatile knife at the best price. It’s what they use over these high end knives. I’ve had one for forever, I love it, it sharpens up like a dream and the fibrox handle doesn’t slip when wet. At under $30, let me recommend you grab one or that Woot start selling some of the line. I just added the boning knife to my kitchen and it’s awesome. I have Wusthoff’s and a Shun santoku and I still reach for the Forschner over those almost every time.

I bought these last time. They arrived with dull blades.

I also noticed I paid $30 more (from Woot) just a couple of weeks ago. I feel cheated. Geez, at least wait a couple of months before dropping the price. I would return them if i wasn’t so lazy. Not worth $200 unless you are knifeless.

Same here. Love the knives, but it hurts a little for them to price drop so much when I just received them from Woot 3 days ago…

If you’re a home cooking enthusiast and will treat your knives with respect, these work quite well. I prefer the Shun Classic to this set due to the weight (Edo is significantly heavier), but these are just as sharp and work just as well. Just remember to only use these knives on softer surfaces (wood, bamboo, molded plastic), don’t cut through bones, and hand wash with a mild soap and water shortly after use. With the proper care, these will last a lifetime and Shun does still offer lifetime sharpening if you ship them the knife you need sharpened.

I also picked these up for about $30 more a while back and I LOVE them.

I also bought the 6-piece set for $300, but the wife got a little upset with hubby spending over $500 on knives in 1 sitting, so I sold the set for $470. It almost paid for the first group of 3!

We use these all the time and I can’t ask for anything better. Awesome knives!

Entry level??? For $199??? You only get 3 pieces and not even a storage block. Maybe that’s entry into an America’s Top Chef competition, but I can’t imagine an ordinary home cook considering this set entry level.

To me, entry level are the highly-reviewed knives by Victorinox. Users love them (almost all items have 4.5/5 stars) and was chosen by Cook’s Illustrated Magazine (America’s Test Kitchen) as the best knives overall (which includes value). With some knives under $20, they won’t break the bank of a recent college grad or the casual cook. Now that’s entry level!

Many credit cards have price protection and will refund the difference if you find it cheaper within a set period.

Note that the original writer said that these are entry level. For a recent college grad under debt and rent/bills looming every month, yes, $200 will break the bank. That’s assuming that s/he even has a bank account. So these are hardly affordable for anyone considered “entry level” (aka first knife set). While it’s true that a set of good knives can be a one time investment, you’re forgetting that one need not buy Shuns or spend over $100 for 3 knives to be “good.” This 5 piece Victorinox set, for example, is just $68. They also have more expensive sets. Many people laud the Victorinoxes/Forschners for being even more usable than these more expensive European and Japanese knives. By usable, I mean that it’s the knife they reach for despite also owning Shuns/Henckels/Sabatiers/etc.

i’m surprised that these blades are “stick resistant” because that mottled texture on top seems to encourage friction, thus sticking. In fact, many gadgets (i.e, flashlights) and tools roughen their handles to prevent slipping.

Yeah, I bought TWO sets 10 days ago for $30 more each. C’mon Woot, do the right thing and refund us the difference! Amazon would.