Shun Edo 6-Piece Block Set

**Item: **Shun Edo 6-Piece Block Set
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Condition: New

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Great price, since Amazon has it for $480 right now. You could buy this, then the big slicer and the boning knife from Amz and still pay less, and you’d have the same as the $450 9-piece set (minus scissors, but those aren’t special) I bought here a couple of weeks ago.
On that note, these are exceptional knives. Beautiful to behold, effortless to use, and simple to maintain. Plus, the dual-density knife will cut bread paper-thin, in case you need to write on your bread. Care for them and you could leave them to your kids in 30 years.

OK so my math was off on making the 9-piece set. Let’s just say if you don’t need the boning knife and gigantic slicer, this is your set @ $180 less than Amazon.

Although the paring knife measurement is different by 1/2", I think this is the same set with good reviews (although no longer sold) at Williams Sonoma (6 reviews, all 5 star):

If I buy this, my wife may leave me or kill me using these knives. But I think I’m going to do it anyways. Wish me luck.

Got to love hyperbole… Jack that MSRP through the roof and pretend you are getting a deal… Usually Woot will save you a couple bucks, but the first 7 hits on my google show different websites ALL with this price… Why not throw in one of those $500 Invicta watches for 35 bucks again… Show some style Woot, I have been sending business your way for years.

Just because the MSRP is sky high doesn’t mean Woot is the one setting it. The acronym means manufacturer-suggested retail price (meaning set by Shun). I work in the watersports industry and the MSRPs for the products we sell are all much higher than the prices anyone in the industry actually charges.

Either way, you will be better off!

Good luck, sir.

No offense, but I’ve looked up this product for a while tonight, and I can’t find anyone with the price even close to this (and yes, I was using google). Could you show the links, please?

Where does the average person even start with acquiring a usable set of these? I’m no Chef Ramsey, all I need is good knives to actually cut onions, tomatoes, etc. and trim meats, and cut bread. I see so many knives’ names, I don’t even know what they’re supposed to be used for, truthfully. I just want quality that doesn’t push the tomato or onion across the board because it’s so sub-par.

I understand. I’m not going to buy knives at this price since I don’t cook enough to make it worthwhile (I bought the knife sharpener instead from woot in the past). When they sell the less expensive knives, not just on homewoot plus, you could jump in. It’s easier to demonstrate that though, with the past wootplus sales that had some of the less expensive knives on sale:

FYI : An acronym is the combination of initials that make a “word” such as NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Just try to pronounce MSRP. Those are simply initials. Kinda like FYI.

Go to a store and see how the knives feel in your hand. That’s the best way to know.

The most common advice is to buy just the knives you need. Yes, sets are a good deal if you price all the knives individually, but they are only a good deal if you use all the knives in the set.

I have a Shun Classic chef’s knife, and I use it almost every day. I paid less than a hundred bucks for it. I have Forschner paring and bread knives that I use less often. I also have a Henckels boning knife that I use once in a while.

They don’t match, but they work.

Sorry, but while Wikipedia notes the difference between an acronym and an initialism, the decision was apparently made to disregard the distinction throughout the article. While I can appreciate the urge to keep the English language “correct”, that battle is lost (to wit: My Firefox dictionary isn’t even recognizing the word “initialism”)

The distinction is not meaningful in any way, and you would be hard pressed to find one person in fifty that knew the difference. It’s over.

Straight from Merriam Webster

“…also : an abbreviation (as FBI) formed from initial letters”


Bought the 9-piece set last month. Almost all knives came damaged and the boxes were all repackaged, damaged and very used looking. NEW, they were not, my guess is WOOT is a place for Amazon to dump their stuff that’s returned in poor condition. Once they build up enough stock, it’s a “wootoff”. Did Woot try and make it right for me, nope, that’s why I’m here writing this today. Thanks WOOT.

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The generally agreed upon basic set includes a chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife, and a paring knife.
Here are some articles on selection or identification that will help get you started:

A good (imo) basic set would be:

Just because something has become accepted it is not necessarily proper. We’re a society that has lowered our standards to the point where the word snuck is accepted as well. Things are very unique and we have convicted felons. I’m sure that I’m seen as stodgy, but I do mourn the de-evoloution of our language.