Shun Elite 11 Piece Bamboo Block Set

At $70 a knife, this is actually a really REALLY good deal for Shun knives.

For $700, it better slice things literally paper thin. As in I better be able to write on it.

Maybe @ 499 bucks…
700 just a little too much…

Why are empty slots on the Bamboo block?
Scissors, steak knives and sharpener are not included?

Some info on Shun knives

US site for Shun

Shun shopping site has mucho info

For price comparison, the 9-piece set is $999.95 at Amazon.

Just dandy, but I doubt a normal household will every use all that hardware.

Are they full tang?

These knives better be made in gold-pressed latinum

YouTube video: Elite Shun Knife Review

Shun Cutlery-KAI USA Ltd. says:

“Full tang - that happens to be a verrrry long discussion…to be honest, we don’t want to be compared to the European standard of full tang or not full tang, because Japanese knives should be light and agile in the hand, and a heavy duty European style tang would throw off our weight completely. However, the short answer is that our knives have what is called a full composite tang. So we have metal running all the way from bolster to endcap, it’s just not that big, heavy piece that you see on Euro knives…”

and cue all “OMG WTF $700 for knives!!?11?1one11!!!” posts in 3… 2… 1…

oh I see I’m too late already.

Seriously people, every time Woot posts some nice knives, the hater floodgate busts open and clueless people come and pass judgement on others who are cool with dropping real money on quality equipment.

If you don’t want or can’t afford to pick up this set, then don’t. And don’t bother posting about it. Just because you don’t understand why something is expensive doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

My parents use the Shun Ken Onion set and absolutely love them. Not dishwasher safe, btw.

We can only hope that this won’t stall our next Woot!-off. I know they’re great knives, and I’d love to have a set - but $700 is just too much for me to justify right now. Maybe someday…

So if you can’t afford this set now, but can during the next Woot!-off, PLEASE BUY THEM THEN!

Shun the non believers! Shunnnnnnnnnnn…

I own a shun classic and many other knives of different makes. In my profession knives are the tools of my trade and craftsmanship does not go unnoticed. If you want one of the best knives being made commercially and you want a great deal on a set this is for you… my only caution is that every knife does not fit every hand so you may want to feel it before dropping a lot of dough. also you may not have a use for all of these knives even though you are getting about half of them for free:) happy wooting U GUYS ROCK!!!

Oh god, I wish I hadn’t had to just spend $4,500 just fixing stuff. Shuns are amazing knives to begin with, but elites… this is actually an unbelievable bargain, it hurts to miss out on this, especially the 11-piece set of all things, as I’ve passed on the 7-piece because I actually wanted to hold out for this… the timing couldn’t be worse, heh. I guess I’ll have to sit up for the next Woot-Off without sleeping until these come up :frowning:

I guess it would be even more killer to see a Shun Kaji set, but I can pretty much guarantee that those will never end up on wootl

This set is overkill unless you’re a serious cook or have excess money to blow on knives. Most of the people buying this probably fall into the latter category.

No steel, but talk of honing? I guess anyone considering this already owns a steel. This is a quality brand and Japanese knives are supposed to be great, but I don’t want to service my knives even once a year (twice a year, seriously?) but maybe every second year.

I’ll stick with my Wusthof Classics, but I’d love to try these out. WAY out of my price range though.

Everyone knows gold pressed latinum would be a very poor choice for kitchen knives. I mean, gold is already too soft to cut with before you hollow it and fill it with precious liquid latinum… Completely impractical.

The Kaji Fusion show up occasionally. Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set.