Shun Elite 8 Piece Cherry Block Set



I’ll check back in a few hours

Knives… here we go again.


wow… that’s a low price!

Was only a matter of time.


Usually these are expensive.

now back to work.


If I had this set now, I’d probably use it on myself…because I’m so sad that the Wootoff! just died.

It wouldn’t be a woot-off without a super expensive knife set! I’ve been waiting for these! Time to go to the bathroom …

woot killa

Why are people obsessed with announcing they posted eleventeenth?

Oh good knives i always need more of these. Blood never seems totally washed off old knives…

Lunch time

okay not first…

This one is going is going to take a while unless there are only 1 or 2 for sale

Seriously DO WANT. Really can’t afford. pout