Shun Elite 8 Piece Cherry Block Set

let there only be 2 in stock!

Nap time!

If only I was a samurai

Finally! The knives, the knives…

haha - a built in woot off break to catch up on paperwork and lunch I guess.

see ya in 3+ hours


i own a few of these knives, worth every penny.

very pretty knife set.

Insert “Woot-off killer” commet here

Is it time to go to bed yet? The sun’s been up a while…

Come on guys, buy 3 of them!

$999 on Ebay.

Seriously… WTF!

really come on!!! some one buy this bag of crap!!! and move on


probably what these guys use

not yet… Woot is on central time.

Just put mine in the bag of crap.

Nap time.

Oh, good! I’ve been waiting for something that’s $549. Was wondering if I’d ever get to spend it.

Dan says “Play Bakugan not chop with knives”

Good timing today. Woke up to some quick moving woots. Now been able to do work while at work.