Shun Elite 8 Piece Cherry Block Set

Does anyone know if this will cut through an iPad?

So long woot off…see you after lunch.


time to get the mower ready for spring…

Wow. Is this going to be a slooooow Woot-off.

yay sleep but boo knifes please only 1 or 2

Aaaand I’m off to lunch. Don’t think I’ll miss anything.

In for 8.

I bought these a couple months back on another wootoff. Get a honer and this makes an absolutely magnificent set (as it should).

Now, this is a wootoff killah!

woot!! Knives!!! yahoooooooooo!

anyone tell woot their is a recession going on!

No, but it is apple compatible and will work with your MacIntosh, Fuji, etc

Remember that one time Woot tried to sell me $550 knives? That was hilarious!

Shun killed the wootoff star.

now i have time to go to class

Oh yeah, unless they have less than 2 sets, this one is going to take a while. Seriously, who buys $500 knives from woot???

Ah, finally a nice long break.

Bathroom Time. No way this is gonna go fast.