Shun Kai 2 Piece Carving Knife and Fork Set

shoulda got the ladder…

another wootoff killer…

Wouldn’t these be knives that you rarely use? I mean how often do you have to carve a turkey or ham?

just in time for Thanksgiving!

Ugh. This will be here forever unless they only have a couple.

Every manager’s tool to cut the fat or jobs…

I did.

Q: How do you kill a woot off?
A: Shun Kai 2 Piece Carving Knife and Fork Set

left overs from thanksgiving still!? or getting started early ; )

at least its not a man purse

Hopefully they only have 1 of these… Can anyone say Woot Killer??

$160 knife and fork… come on now, WTF. Noone is going to buy this.

Hey WootTeam - next time you’re randomly shipping out BOGs how about remembering susie-s??? I have 18 leak frogs! Gimme a break!

i beat you could carve the heck out of some turkeys with these.

These go good with ladders - you’ll need the ladder to get the turkey down from the roof to carve it

Good time for an after lunch bathroom break. Maybe the the woot gods were thinking the same thing.

Will this cut topgrain leather?

Is this made out of White Gold???