Shun Kai 2 Piece Carving Knife and Fork Set

There’s only like 2 of these right? Right? Please

Holy Expensive batman!

Well, this is going to be a woot-killer for a while.

Anyone remember how many days the last wootoff was? I want to say it was only 36 hours, but my brain is fuzzy.

Japanese Steel!

Love me some Shun knives!

this is a must buy… so buy it

Good night!

fork this,time to sleep

goodnight everyone.

3 days

time for a cuppa.

first woot killer of the night

I thought NSF meant not safe for…

I love Kai.

knife to see you again woot off.

I believe it was 48 hrs (or close to).

Ugh, don’t start with the knives again.

OMG! $150 for a knife and a fork!? Sorry, no knife and fork is worth more than $10 in my book.

I’m SO with you. I have a LOT of these at home (seriously…way too far into the double digits). They are totally worth the investment.