Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set Woot Info Post cracked corn and I don’t care.

Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set [New] - $649.99 + $5 shipping

1 * 3” Pairing KDM-0022, 1 * 5” Utility KDM-0023, 1 * 7” Hollow Ground Santoku KDM-0026, 1 * 8” Chef’s KDM-0017, 1 * 8” Slicing KDM-0024, 1 * 9” Bread/Multi-Purpose Serrated Slicer KDM-0025, 1 * Sharpening Steel, 1 * 11 Slot Block

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Great reviews at Buzzillions:

These knives look cool, but do they rust?

can these be machine washed?

Me likey the Lifetime guarentee!

review Review

A “pairing” knife? Is that for turning one thing into a pair of them?

I like my plastic knife, spork, and spoon collection just fine thank you…

Fantastic knives! I’ve got the chef’s knife myself, but that was a gift…

I’d watch that cooking show.

/and I’d buy these knives if I hit the lottery

Normally, you should not put any knives, regardless of their price, into the dishwasher. The water sitting on them will cause them to discolor, and if they are not a high quality, they can rust. Always wash knives by hand, with hot soapy water, and rinse and dry immediately.

They retail at 999-1200 Great Price In For 2

In some countries one can get a used tank for these kinds of prices dang!

As long as you don’t mind ruining your $649.99 knife set, I’m sure they can.

if I cut off my finger when using this set, will it be easier to re-attach due to the clean cutting blade?

If you want to expand your set, here is a link to some of the other knives for the add on feeling: HERE

Yes, you can accessorize but these babies are not cheap, so this appears to be a good price for the set.

Aldi has an alternative. :slight_smile:

only on high speed setting with fabric softener.

For that price they better come with their own personal ninja to cut for me.