Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set Woot Info Post
It’s my birthday,!

Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set [New] - $649.99 + $5 shipping

1 * 3” Pairing KDM-0022, 1 * 5” Utility KDM-0023, 1 * 7” Hollow Ground Santoku KDM-0026, 1 * 8” Chef’s KDM-0017, 1 * 8” Slicing KDM-0024, 1 * 9” Bread/Multi-Purpose Serrated Slicer KDM-0025, 1 * Sharpening Steel, 1 * 11 Slot Block

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I wouldn’t suggest using a wood block to store knives (or anything else for that matter) the small spaces make it impossible to clean, so if you knives are not properly cleaned and sanitized you could be sticking them into germs.insert scary music

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So, this set isn’t really offered together anymore for these specific knives at retailers. The closest I could find at Williams Sonoma is here, and, their sale price is $995.|4|1||4|shun%20kaji%208-piece%20knife%20block%20set||0&cm_src=SCH

For that price, they better ACHIEVE fusion and cook the food as they slice.

This post from a previous Woot seems particularly informative:

Also, a few people asked how these compare to Global knives:

Does anyone actually know the difference between these Shun Kaji Fusion and the regular Shun Kai Ken Onion knives? I think it’s that the Kaji have an SG-2 core instead of the VG-10 core, but I haven’t found anything to actually confirm it.

The good news? It appears that these knives really are quite good, and perhaps even worth the price.

The bad? Soon to be spotted coming to a woot-off near you!


Ohh, to have a spare 700 bucks…

These are the best of the Kai Shun line.

The core is much more integrated with the damascus steel as is evidenced by the photographs… Not to mention they are hollow ground.

I think I’ll see if someone want to buy my set of Kai Shuns…

I won’t be the first sucker but I was one of the last when this was offered by Woot a few months ago. Be prepared for a long list of comments from folks telling you about their super Wal-Mart knives for $30 a set and how dumb it is to be spending this kind of money on something that just CUTS.

These are the best knives I have ever seen short of the Kramer hand-mades that go for $300 per inch! Nobody needs these, is that clear? Nobody needs a 70 inch plasma TV either. It depends on what gives you pleasure and if you think the sacrifice is worth it.

These knives are made of the hardest steel available and hold their edges a good long time. The honing steel (it’s not a “sharpening steel”) keeps the edge aligned. When sharpening is necessary, every year or two depending on use, all Shun knives are sharpened for free. Just mail them in to Kershaw Shun. If you live on TV dinners, skip these. If cooking is a serious proposition, think about them. They are far superior to the American Cutcos (which I own) or the German products. When you read about the best swords, everybody thinks Japan. These knives are made like them.

The Kaji designation indicates the top of the Shun (rhymes with “moon”) catalog using SG-2 steel which is much better than they use on their “Classic” line (VG-10). The “Fusion” indicates they have special handles made by Ken Onion (his real name) that are much easier in the hand than the traditional Japanese ones. The price here is hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying them individually. They were previously sold by Williams-Sonoma, a high-end cooking equipment store.

Think “Maserati” as compared to “Kia.” Like I said, you don’t have to buy them but appreciate excellence when you see it.

Read the blog at Shun Kaji Fusion

While I’m sure this knife cuts things into two pieces quite well, enabling pairing of two halves of things, it is ACTUALLY a paring knife, ideal for peeling and other intricate knife work.



In the picture here you can see the difference between the traditional Japanese handles and the Ken Onion “Fusion” design offered by Woot.

I didn’t suggest putting them in a drawer. I said don’t put them in the wood block because they collect germs from both the knives themselves and the moisture from the water/ soap used to wash them, not to mention if they are not sanitized correctly with either bleach or multi quat sanitizer, the germs will build up no matter how much you don’t want them to. The best place to store knives is on a magnetic strip. Hanging them blade side up this way they dry thoroughly, and there is no possible way for germs to collect.


Yes, that’ll work. I didn’t consider magnetic strips since my cabinetry doesn’t allow it in my kitchen. There are some minor warnings about strips causing dulling because of the blade being pulled into the magnets first or dragged across them when retrieving a knife. I think this is more theoretical than real. I personally feel better having these super-sharp blades sheathed. I’ll retract that from my post.

Here’s a short course in Shun from Kershaw.

Shun 101

Yes, the difference is in the handle. The Shun Fusion knives have a full tang ken onion handle where the shun ken onion knives have a significantly smaller amount of steel in their handle. I have a set of ken onions and I’ve got to say, I’ve been waiting for this set to come around again and I would highly recommend it! They’re expensive, yes, but it should be the last set of knives you ever buy!