Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set

I hope there is only one of these…

Woot! Off killer here…

yikes :o

Yes!! $650 Knives–In for three!

hahahahaha 600+ dollars for knives? I thought this was woot!

sick looking knifes… they must be good for the price.

Wow. These better be damn good knives. Buy 3!!

God help us, you better be right…

Definite Woot! Off killer…

$649? For knives?
Did NASA make these things?

good knives…i will take 2.

Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set
$1200 new!!
Someone buy this amazing deal now!

Yes, I would LOVE to spontaneously spent $650 for some knives. It’s just the woot I’ve been waiting for!!!

I second that!

looks like someone bought one and it barely nudged…

Funny write-up.

says the guy with only one woot purchase to his name.

Ok, I’ll be back in an hour or so…

Are these knives new or a refurb?

So does that mean they’re compatible with my Mac?

They are good knives, I looked at them in a store, they’re super cool. The steel is folded something like 16 times or something and each line on the blade is one of the folds and the angle of the edge is different from other normal knives and it’s just super sharp. Lots of work goes into making these. I can’t afford them though, haha.