Shun Ken Onion 2 Piece Carving Set


Products: 1 DM-0509 8 inch Carving/Slicing Knife 1 DM-0521 6 inch Curved Carving Fork

Condition: New

Price:$149.99 $5 shipping




Right on que with the expensive knives nobody needs.


Why would anyone pay 150 for 2 knives???

Can you please post something I actually want to buy?

That’s not a Knife… THIS is a knife… and a pokey thing… :slight_smile:

Break time!!

knives and more knives -woot must assume we eat meat -a lot

I totally have problems cutting onions, I guess these are for me!

knives, speakers, headphones…hmmm

Has anyone ever seen two BOC’s in one wootoff? I havent in my time here. Has anyone else?

How do you know woot I was in the market for a $150 impulse knife purchase?

I said no mo expensive knives. I don’t care if it cuts stainless steel. Jeez louise. Nobody listens to me.

its really only 1 knife and a fork :slight_smile:

that’s for cutting with class