Shun Ken Onion 2 Piece Carving Set

I go to do something else and come back and the stoopid knives are still here. They should have sold out by now. By the second I came in and reloaded. Also too, I’m hungry.

I buy my onions pre-sliced!

Got one on a previous Woot and love it! They sure can carve onions. Have a look at my masterpiece:

Linda Kozlowski totally looks like Kirtsy Young’s also-hot older sister.

Yes, as a matter of fact I am… not to mention sore from Plyo X too!

I took two weeks off :-\ turrible mistake. I hate it… but i love it.


This would look great stuck into my speaker set…

…for that special Dexter Morgan in your life !

worked great and we had a pretty big turkey. A longer (flatter) blade is nice for something like a prime rib, but there’s not that many places on a turkey this won’t span… and longer just starts to get in the way when you are trying to work around all the bones etc.

(unless you go in with a boning knife and just break the turkey down first and are slicing the breast on a cutting board instead of on the bird)

You would understand why 21% bought three if you’ve ever owned one of these knives.

Wow- I don’t think I like cooking enough to spend 150 on two utensils. No thanks on this one Woot!

Turrible? Sounds like a certain basketball personality…

You guys need to stop, think of the kids

I will wait till next year for the iKnife version.

It cuts virtually anything?

Was I imitating Charles Barkley, perhaps. Does Brett Farve always repeat questions, of course.

good one :slight_smile:

That would be the greatest month of woot in history. So far at least.