Shun Ken Onion 2 Piece Carving Set


That’s the same price as my Hinkel set, complete with steak knives, sharpener, scissors and storage block.

There! is! only! one! knife!

Yep…I think about a year ago

Actually one knife and one fork.

cuz i SO need to carve onions…

OK Seriously…i need a TV…Bout a 40" Come on woot.

so u stab the onion with the fork…? then slice it with the knife…? right?

I’ll stick with my Hatori Hanzo.

Great for the annual carving of the Holiday Duck.
“Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra.” -A Christmas Carol

This Onion knife deal makes me cry.

I prefer to whittle my onions.

So what are the odds of a second BOC? Anyone have a real guess?

Best damn knives I have ever used!

Chefs and Rich People.

Surely this comes with a secret $139.99 Amazon gift card


I lol’d.

Some mafioso in NJ bought three :wink:

Perfect for carving speakers to perfection!