Shun Ken Onion 2 Piece Carving Set

Now here’s an onion that will make you cry!

rich chefs?

Amazon has it for $100 more.

There are probably 800 sets of these. This is going to be awhile. I love woot-offs.

These knifes are so sharp, I accidentally cut my finger once… just by thinking about them.

Actually, very high quality set. $249 on amazon

I wish I could justify to myself getting it :slight_smile:

How do these stand up compared to dollar store knives when used for shanking?


i wish i had money for these knives

I wanted a less expensive set than the earlier set, but these? I have followed this Woot off for 3 days waiting for nice kitchen knives. This set really is about useless. Who needs a dag on expensive carving fork? Any dang fork will work…hoping for another set to pop up before the Woot Off ends. Reward my patience Woot. A nice set in the 3-400 range would be nice.

I believe its A Christmas Story

OH MY GOODNESS, and it comes with a storage/presentation box?! In for 10!!!

Last names fascinate me. Granger means farmer, Coopers made barrels, Smiths worked with metals.

Makes you REALLY wonder Shun Ken Onion’s ancestors did for a living.

And Joe Cocker’s.

I was seriously hoping the same thing! I for sure thought I was in on the BOC yesterday and then I got the “this sale is sold out” after I put in my CC 3 digit code. I’m thinking it wasn’t a big BOC (the last few were in the area of 2,000 or so). sigh I would LOVE another BOC before the end of this woot-off!!

oh really, well it is the month of christmas. SO hopefully they will do two.

While it technically is a knife and a carving fork, I get your point. :slight_smile:

Some people pay large sums of money for high-quality knives because the tools are worth it. As a chef, I have spent upwards of $140 on a couple of my knives, but they have lasted for many, many years. the quality of the steel, the quality of the craftsmanship, etc… all these are factors. And if a knife is worth the price, I happily pay it.

I wonder if they will do two with the anticipation of a third on Christmas morning, too.

They aren’t “onion” knives (knife to be precise), Ken Onion is a chef and the designer of these Shun-style blade. If I didn’t just buy a new Blu Ray player, and this was a santoku, I would totally buy this knife set.

With that knife you never going to have to sharpen, you just realign the blade back to the original angle.

i am so glad i went to the forum cause i thought it was $14.99 and almost bought one. GEEZ that would have been a problem. i need to learn how to read…or how to see decimals…or count 9’s…

YIKES. not buying.