Shun Ken Onion 2 Piece Carving Set

This would look great stuck into my speaker set…

…for that special Dexter Morgan in your life !

worked great and we had a pretty big turkey. A longer (flatter) blade is nice for something like a prime rib, but there’s not that many places on a turkey this won’t span… and longer just starts to get in the way when you are trying to work around all the bones etc.

(unless you go in with a boning knife and just break the turkey down first and are slicing the breast on a cutting board instead of on the bird)

You would understand why 21% bought three if you’ve ever owned one of these knives.

Wow- I don’t think I like cooking enough to spend 150 on two utensils. No thanks on this one Woot!

Turrible? Sounds like a certain basketball personality…

You guys need to stop, think of the kids

I will wait till next year for the iKnife version.

It cuts virtually anything?

Was I imitating Charles Barkley, perhaps. Does Brett Farve always repeat questions, of course.

good one :slight_smile:

That would be the greatest month of woot in history. So far at least.

No, not really. If they’re so good and have lifetime warranties, why do you need three? And why do you need 3 carving forks?

And as for gifts, I’m trying to think… do I know three people well enough to give then $150 knives? And, if I do know three people that well, what are the chances that they’re NOT such close friends/family that they don’t know EACH OTHER?

ok good knife @ $89-$100 but i can hold it with a 10 cent fork

you should put this on… should sell no problem!

I would easily buy these for my grandparents, mom and aunt if I could afford it.

So yes people buy 3

Will Shatner, is that you?

Can’t agree more. And what kind of message is it sending when you give someone a knife? “Merry Christmas bud I hope you and your wife can work everything out, if not here’s a knife, it’s sharp as balls too.”

When he said “break down the turkey,” he didn’t mean psychologically.

That’s second prize. Third prize is you’re fired.

/Alec Baldwin

Chuck Norris was holding them.