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Shun Ken Onion 4 Piece Chef Set [New] - $399.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Shun Ken Onion 7” Meat Cleaver – DM0518, 1 * Shun Ken Onion 9” Multi-Purpose Serrated Slicer – DM0505, 1 * Shun Ken Onion 10” Chef’s – DM0507, 1 * Shun Ken Onion 5” Serrated Utility

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Shun Ken Onion 4 Piece Chef Set
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Shun Ken Onion 7" Meat Cleaver - DM0518
  • 1 Shun Ken Onion 9" Multi-Purpose Serrated Slicer - DM0505
  • 1 Shun Ken Onion 10" Chef’s - DM0507
  • 1 Shun Ken Onion 5" Serrated Utility

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I don’t care how great these knives are… a cheap set of knives will work well enough. I’d rather buy a 30.00 set and spend the rest on something else

Expensive deal… few people want or can afford hmmmm looks like woot is planning for a three day weekend and come back tuesday and say " gee we only sold 6 items all weekend?" don’t know why boss but at least we’re not behind."

How do you sharpen these knives?

Does the blade go throughout the handle or are they two separate pieces?

Shun Ken Onion website

I know this is a good brand but does anyone know if this is a good deal? Someone serious… that actually has a use for these knifes…not someone in their parent’s basement…

just because someone is going to ask…no these knives are not for cutting onions it’s the guys name.

Great. Fad knives.

How sharp is sharper than sharp? If sharpness is measured by the thinness of the metal, then no metal would be really sharp, huh? Here is a can of air. It’s really sharp. Or, better yet, take your $10 knife to be sharpened and have them make it really really sharp.

Just buy a $40 set of knives somewhere online and quit being such an idiot self-indulgent consumer slave. This is absurd. $400 knives so you can be cool and feel cool. I’m by no means a bleeding heart liberal (actually the opposite) but $400 could feed a whole village of people somewhere for a while. This is a total self-indulgent waste of money and all you get to show for your $400 expenditure is your newly heightened sense of vanity.

You can not go wrong with a great set of knives. I paid $450 for a Wustoff Set A couple of years ago. Great investment.

But, Woot…come on … your customer base would rather see a beer keg, glass pipe, or big bags of Doritos…

Glad to see my FedEx route will not be full of Woot Boxes next week…LOL…

send them to the company in Oregon, they come with a lifetime sharpening service. you have to cover shipping though, I think.

it is possible to sharpen them yourself or locally, but the angle of the edge is different than most other knives, so you’d have to double check with the shun specifications.

Amazon links:


Serrated Slicer

Chef’s Knife

Utility Knife

Dammit Ohio! Do they not sell reasonably-priced knives there?

Is Woot really taking a 3 day weekend? Thought they were doing this every day for eternity.

I’m now regretting buying the set a couple weeks ago that had the 9" serrated and the 5" utility only. Granted, that was $150 instead of $400, but now I have the choice of skipping this or trying to figure out what to do with the duplicate knives. Hmm.

By the way, I believe this is a very good deal, if you’re in the market for this sort of thing. I want to say the 5" utility alone was $140 on Amazon as of a couple weeks ago. I haven’t looked, but I can’t imagine it’s dropped that much. I wouldn’t be surprised if it would cost $600-$800 to buy these same 4 knives there.

Well, Shun is a great knife. I have a Shun Ken Onion 5.5 utility on a Fedex truck right now.

This set is composed of some of the less popular models, two serrated, ouch. The 9 inch is like a samurai sword and the cleaver would make an excellent prop in a slasher movie.

The perfect Shun set would include a 7" Suntuko, a 5.5 utility a 6 inch fillet/boning knife and maybe just maybe the 8" chef’s knife 'cause it’s just so cool.

The blades look damascus with 16 visible layers with a core of VG 10 super steel.

Kai USA will sharpen these knives for life.

As a former knife salesman, I have to say this is a pretty regular deal for good knives. These probably have 20 to 50 dollars off of the price. They made by a respectable company and they are somewhat well known. It is a pretty good deal for great knives. Hope this helps.

Anyone one who spends a lot of time cooking can appreciate quality knives. Nice knives are easier to use, safer, last longer and ergo. Good knives will promote eating at home which in turn saves money from eating out. And if you are really concerned with feeding villages, the restaurant industry wastes 10 million tons of food a year in the US alone. You may not be able to justify spending this much on knives but others do not need your holier-than-thou comments.