Shun Ken Onion 4 Piece Chef Set

Just what we need $400 knives to slwo this baby down:(

Lunch break round 2?

Wow what a Woot off killer! :slight_smile:

my employer appreciates the shirt detour and now this…getting lots done.

This woot off item really is on the cutting edge.

holy woot killer!

I wish I had these knives so I could just cut my wrists with them so I wouldn’t have to wait until they sell out.

exactly what we were all waiting for - a $400 set of knives.

WOW Woot must be taking an extra long lunch…

Hey this isn’t random or crappy. Well, random maybe.

Good grief. From shirts to $400 knives.

Worst. Woot. Off. Ever.

oh perfect

could this be the end for real?

Dammit - I was expecting a bag o crap.

Are these knives better than the Ronco knives? I mean, can I cut through a slab of marble or a soda can?

Dexter uses the Shun Ken Onion 4 Piece Chef Set ><

I love these knives… but I don’t have $400 to spend on knives :frowning:

Maybe they’re selling these for the “fights” that were going on in the reckoning sale thread…