Shun Ken Onion 6 Piece Bamboo Block Set w/ Hinoki Cutting Board

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Uh, no?

Nice try though. Better luck next time.

Could someone please enlighten me on who “Mr. Zsasz” from the write up is? I usually get these things, but this one is killing me. Something to do with Batman?

Uh - I linked to the blog - it is Ken Onion, after all.

“Copyright © 2010 Shun Ken Onion”

He likes/kills with knives.

Ken Onion on TV

Part 1

Part 2

Shun Ken Onion Knife vs Veggies

I am not sure I follow!! What’s your beef?
I linked to your URL and it’s dead.

I’m much more of a manga girl myself, but my husband owns a collectible toystore :wink:


This is one of those insanely expensive knife sets that ends up justifying the cost in cutting power and lifetime enjoyability. From what I understand the warranty is very good on it too.

Kershaw is the US distributor for Shun Ken Onion though.

Someone in Woot purchasing is sleeping with someone in Kershaw sales.

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Credit to someone’s post on deals.woot

All the goods in the set on Amazon:

5" Utility Knife $139.95
6" Chef’s Knife $184.95
8" Carving Knife $189.95
7" Hollow Ground Santoku Knife $199.95
Honing Steel $39.95
Bamboo Block $59.95 (3rd party)
18”x12” Hinoki Cutting Board $129.95 (3rd party)

Total $944.65

Love my Shuns, wouldn’t own anything else.

One of the great things about Shun is that you can send them back to the factory to get them sharpened for free (you just pay one way shipping to them and they pay it the other way). I’ve done it several times. They get the edge that you can’t achieve at home unless you are a samurai master.

Shun Ken Onion? I will shun him gladly. Forking over so much money for a set of knives is not a steel by any measure, is not a very sharp decision, and does not place me at the cutting edge kitchen arts.

I know I will probably get a lot of holier-than-thou mumbo jumbo about how people who truly understand food preparation see that this is an excellent deal and that it will pay for itself and such. Save it, for it isn’t true, because money will not appear out of my sliced veggies if I use these knives as opposed to my perfectly functional $30 knife set.


Shun the non-belivers! SHUNNN!