Shun Ken Onion 7” Multi-Utility Knife

Sells for a whopping $190 at Williams Sonoma:

I have a 9 piece Shun Ken Onion set and the knives are amazing.

THAT’s not a knife… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, if only you were an 8" Shun Elite Chef knife…


$153 at Amazon… good deal here!

I see you’ve played knifey spoony before

What the heck would you use it for? Dismembering a corpse?

I have the 8" chef. It’s indeed a a very good looking knife but it’s heavy and in the 2 yrs I have had it, I can’t say that I found the right balance to use it as much as I thought I was going to (when I paid over $200 for it!).

This one is another animal… How the h do you sharpen that at home?

that’s the secret fourth thing you can do.

can you sharpen a knife with an edge like this?

Now I want burrata even though I’ve never heard of it before. Mmmmmmm creamy cheesy goodness…

I want to see a block set of Shun’s Please!!

its the perfect sandwich knife… Between a bread and chefs knife for usage

How much was it? Does anyone recall?

It was $79.95, I believe.