Shun Ken Onion 7 Piece Bamboo Block Set

Good for chopping a chunk out of your wallet.

Going to lunch.

These are fantastic knives, but I’d be dead if another set of knives showed up at home!

“No one should spend this much on knives.”

“These are way too expensive”

“Don’t tell me how to spend my money!”

“You just don’t understand good knives”.

“I’m a chef and I like these but the average person doesn’t need them”

Good…nap time!

It’s only $350… Be glad it is not the $500 set… Guess I have time to actually do some work… My boss appreciates that at least…

No whining until you buy something. It’s a rule.

Holy carp that is expensive. They are half price compared to here so they are ‘cheap’ knives…

There can be only one.

Lunch… AND a nap

glate fo cut shunken onion, but not fo enrarged onion.

Everywhere you look on the Mothership for reviews of these knives, you see 5 gold stars of satisfaction.

On top of the great reviews, this is an amazing deal. Half off other websites and retail stores. The Crate and Barrel outlet near my home doesn’t sell these individually for less than $150 each.

Le Gourmet Chef seems to really love these and will tell you all you need to know about the metal, edge angles, handles and more.

why would I pay $350 for a set of knifes that can only cut Onions???

The woot off has been knife block blocked.

I prefer :

less loading time

holy crap that’s expensive

great… like 5000 of them.

Time for a nap…or afternoon delight!


damn iWant… this is a REALLY good price for a set like this…

$350 Knives = LUNCH!!!