Shun Ken Onion 9 Piece Knife Block Set

Oh WTF. $500 knives?



Why so many knives woot?

That will slow things down.

Dang! Thats a car payment right there!!! mmmhmmm

These are the best knives I’ve ever used. I love them far more than any of the German knives I’ve owned.

Just what I’ve been waiting for.

Want but can’t afford. :’(

Just in case someone has an extra $500 laying around for kitchen knives!

Perfect for a wedding present!

I have a meeting in an hour - oh why could they not have waited until then!

I does want

I have these knives at home and they bring on the “Oh” face every time…

Thank you

500 freaking bucks for a knife set??? You can’t be serious! It doesn’t even have matching steak knives!

Well, since Woot! sells closeouts, overstocks, and such, a good guess would be that they got a deal on a warehouse full of high end kitchenware.

Where’s all the onion jokes??? C’mon people we got plenty of time here!

You thought the Roomba was the woot-killer? If there’s more than a few of these, this will be it.

Who pays $500 for knives?