Shun Ken Onion Knives

Please feel free to make your sharp assessment of these knives below! :slight_smile:

Shun no longer sharpens their knives, correct?

These knives are made under the umbrella company, KAI USA. They are a reputable company that stands behind their product they make Kershaw knives as well. I’ve used several of their knives and have never been disappointed.

Partially correct. They discontinued sharpening Shun knives, but brought it back:

How often do you have to sharpen them?

“Shun knives should not need sharpening more than once a year, less often depending upon the level of use. When the knife will no longer slice through a ripe (not over-ripe) tomato easily, it is time to sharpen your knife.”

I own all three of these. Every single ‘Onion’ knife feels great in the hand due to ergonomics and a nice hefty feel.

The two 5" knifes are exactly the same except for the serrated blade. That’s a personal / utility preference. Sure the serrated blade will work great on softer items like tomatoes but the other should have no problem if it has retained its edge. It comes down to the size of the knife and both prove to be good utility knifes especially if one is afraid of larger sizes.

The slicing knife is one of the most badass knifes you can own. It’s made from elite materials and looks like a saber for the kitchen. It truly is best for proper slicing in a backwards motion. Not designed for a chefs knife rocking motion. It might not get used the most but you’ll be happy to have it in the kitchen if you’re the type of person who loves looking at a thing of beauty and taking it our for a spin every once in a while.

Where is the I want one button for these on the page?!

Click on the individual knife first.

I’m very tempted by the slicer. The price is great. I recently bought a 10" Shun Classic chef’s knife, so I’m not sure I can justify this.

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This site is your friend.

10" knife sold out fast. Oh, well. Guess I won’'t buy anything today. At least they got the advertising out.

if i buy the big knife to slice big onions, can it also slice small onions? It would seem to be such a waste to buy a smaller one to slice small onions and then find out it is not big enough to saw thru the bigger onions and have to buy another one.

Arrggg!! Missed it, and I was already shopping for a 5 inch knife.
Dammit! Dammit! That’s what I get for not sitting in front of Woot all day. Might have to look into that app.

Look here woot! This is the demand for high quality knives. Please get some sets of shun knives like you used to have. I bought the Alton Angles back in 2008 and loved them… Like 6 of my 8 friends are looking to buy some shuns! Please get some more!


need MOAR big onion knives so I can cut the big onions in one cut

Agreed. I missed the chef’s knife the other day, although it was a little small for me, and almost bit on the utility knife yesterday. I’d love to see more quality knives like this in the future.

I disagree. That site ain’t never done nuttin’ for me. It’s no friend of mine. You, on the other hand, Inkycatz, are. So I guess that makes the site a friend of a friend, at best…

Oh, and good knives are also my friend, reducing the chance of chopping off digits in the kitchen. More, please!