Shun Ken Onion Serrated Knife Set

Everyone needs a high quality knife set. If you have cheap knives, these will make all the difference.

Screw this.

I can get the Ginsu knife for 2 easy payments of $19.99

Are these SPECIFICALLY for onion cutting? Or is that just a strange name for the knives?

Ken Onion is the guy’s name. I bought a kershaw pocket knife with Ken Onion’s name attached to them a long time ago.

I have yet to see an onion worth $150 to justify owning these knives.

More than a $350 dollar value, and great reviews for both knifes. I’ll have to think about this a bit.

Ouch. If I was going to pay this much for a set of knives, they sure as **** wouldn’t have a serrated edge.

Shun’s a great name, but with no ability to use a knife steel for truing or re-sharpen these with any measure of ease at all when they /eventually/ dull, they’ll end up as throwaways, no matter how long it takes them to finally degrade to the same level as any bargain-bin set.

More about the guy.

I don’t want to want these knives…but I love them! I try to tell myself that a knife isn’t worth this much money, but they are incredible…I am hopelessly lost.

They’re both serrated…which means you can’t really sharpen at home.

Not good.

I am always so tempted by these knives, but the price is hard to swallow. I have a reasonable set of Henkle’s knives, that were probably a similar price, but it is hard to buy these as I am not unhappy with the knives I have.

Woot, I promise you - the day you put one of those giant knife sets with the butcher block from Shun up (preferrably the Onions), you’ve got a guaranteed sale.

This? I can’t justify this. I’ll give you the 600 bucks you want for the big set, but 150 for 2 just won’t cut it. Har har.
$140 for the little one @ amazon (free s/h)
$230 for the little one @ amazon (via (also free s/h))

So, using my crazy math skills, that’s $370 for the pair.

A video of one of the knives in action:

It does more than onions! Or at least I hope it does.

What a second, this isn’t a wootoff?! Shun Knives always = Wootoff!

Actually I have a Shun Classic 7 inch Santoku and it’s a great knife. sharpens very well. If you have to ask “why so expensive”, you have obviously never had the opportunity to hold a great knife in your hands.

With that being said, these are Serrated, which means you will have one hell of a time trying to sharpen them (You can…carefully). So when they go dull, that’s about it. Not exactly a great deal :(.

I’m assuming those weird squiggles on the knife stands for shun ken am i rite :smiley:

Most knife/cutlery stores will professionally sharpen even serrated knives for less than $10. Of course, you need to have a knife store in your proximity to use their services and most have been put out of business by Wal-Mart…

Apparently these are also known for their ergonomic handles?

I personally like the fact the big one looks like a mini-saw. muahahaha.

So there’s no way to sharped these myself? I have to have them professionally sharpened? Sounds inconvenient.