Shun Ken Onion Serrated Knife Set

I love serrated knife sets…well… anything serrated actually… the word is just… well… interesting? :-/

Looks like a good deal to me, however I don’t think I cut onions often enough to justify that price tag!!

this is the sort of knife I bought, except you pushed on the back of the handle to open it. I got a citation for having a switchblade. I refused to pay (I planned on going to court, kershaw even sent me copies of the laws regarding switchblades) and I guessed they just gave up. this was years ago.

According to this site, yes you can… with care. Mid page.

I have a set of Shun knives. They are unlike any knives I’ve ever owned, including some others that were pretty expensive. They’re so sharp, I’ve already accidentally cut myself three times, even though I’ve had them for only a few weeks. Although one of my knives is serrated (it’s a bread knife like the big one in this set), I agree with the person who said that there will not be a good way to keep those serrated edges sharp. If you’re considering Shun knives, you might want to wait for the un-serrated edged ones–especially if you plan on using the knives a lot. I love my Shun knives, but as I said, they’re so sharp they’re rather dangerous. Scary.

I have the larger one that came with my KO block set…

I must say, it’s amazing.

I just bought a Ken Onion Shallot…like today, I’m a little freaked out, is Woot watching me 0.o

Wow! These things look really awesome. And expensive. 75 times more expensive than my wal mart “shappu” 8 knife set with bonus steak knives that can cut through a tomato and stay sharp enough for a hammer!

Unless I am mistaken, I thought all of the Ken Onion Series Shun knives were made of VG-10 Steel. The SG-2 steel is reserved for the higher end Elite Series…

Even the Shun Website has these as the VG-10 Steel…

Despite the fact that I already own these and think they are great, I think this needs to be clarified for everyone else.

Henckel’s can’t hold an Onion to these knives - hard to believe but true!

Anybody know what kind of material the handles are made from, and how durable it is?

OK, just checked from… They will sharpen for free for life… here’s a quote from the website…

First, your best option is to send the knives back to the Kai USA facility in Portland, Oregon. At the Portland facility, we can restore the factory edge to your blade for the life of the knife, at no cost to you aside from mailing the knife to us. Just make sure you include a return address and telephone number so we can contact you if needed.

To have your knives sharpened, send them to:

Attention warranty
18600 SW Teton
Tualatin, OR 97062

if you have a set of big, sharp knives, it shouldn’t be very difficult to shun ken onion… >=b

I believe all Shun knives come with lifetime service, which means you can mail it to its US office for free sharpening, for LIFE.

Ken Onion is an award-winning American knife designer, and is the lead designer at Kershaw.

U beat me…

I can confirm these will indeed cut through an onion.

I bought one of the Shun 3-knife sets during the last Woot-off, and I love them all. I’m skeptical about the need for high-quality serrated knives, though. You could easily opt for a decent 10-inch bread knife for closer to $30 and never look back.

I recognize that there’s a lot of know how and hard work, not to mention expensive materials, that go into making a high quality knife. However during these times, when your neighbors are out of jobs and maybe some of your own family members are looking for work, it’s hard to justify spending this kind of money on a knife. After all, many of us are on Woot to save money on more practical things.

A Chef’s knife, santoku, and pairing knife trio would be awesome to see listed!