Shun Mandolin Professional Slicer Woot Info Post or bust

Shun Mandolin Professional Slicer [New] - $199.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Kai Shun Pro Mandolin

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Shun Mandolin Professional Slicer
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Kai Shun Pro Mandolin

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Is the ‘Kai Shun’ part of the product name suppose to be how a japanese person would say ‘kitchen’?

makin coffee, might be a while

My friend Pinky has one of these. Ask him why he only has four fingers on one hand…

lazy man’s knife.

bring on the real things. shuns and sogs. and more netobooks!

This is just what I needed. I have a lot of trouble slicing mandolins. It’s very messy, the strings fly everywhere. Thanks, woot!

i got one of these for Xmas it is fantastic but a bit large for anyone without lots of room for stuff in the cupboards

woot+mandolin professional slicer= waste of an 45 minutes of my life

Mandolin Slicer? Will it also slice a banjo?

Awesome, a cucumber guillotine to go with my Trubamboo sushi pack

Who are these people who need so many knives and slicers? There’s only so much food you can prepare…

I have a lot of meetings today … hopefully these woot off killers will be timed appropriately.

Time for a long potty break while I tried to fill up my own boggy creature.

I’m on a horse

Look away… Look back again

Well, at least we know that there are only 30 of these.

Whats the odds of getting a BBBBOOOOCCC while I’m on the net in China?

This thing slices mandolin professionals? That’s appalling, woot!

…In for 1.