Shun Premier 3-Piece Cutlery Set

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Shun Premier 3-Piece Cutlery Set
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12/5/2013 - $179.99 - 31 comment(s)

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Great deal compared to what is currently offering them for.

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I loooooove my Shun knives. It’s a special bond that my wife just doesn’t understand.

You can literally shave a tomato slice to the point where it’s nearly transparent. Quite honestly, I don’t know how I still have all my fingertips!

I have a Shun knife and generally like it. But it’s a bit heavy for long time use.

Not so sure about this bundle though. The Santoku is required piece, it’s great. But I’m not sure if the utility knife would get much use, it’s a bit weird. The cutting board is nothing special either. So because the bundled items are not so hot it brings down the value of the deal.

That link is an invalid comparison. Woot’s “three piece” set is two knives and a cutting board, and the Williams-Sonoma set is actually three knives.

Much better Shun knives than the Ken Onion set we also bought. The serrated knife carved a roast like a surgeon’s scalpel. We were happy to add this set to our collection.

And not even the same knives…

However it does appear Williams- Sonoma offers these knives. $125 for the Santoku and $135 for the serrated utility.

Cutlery and More has the two knives as a set for $200.

First of all, I own 5 Shun knives - Classic 8" Chef’s, Classic 7" Santoku, Elite 8" Chef’s, Elite Paring Knife, and a Classic Slicer. I also have the honing steel.

ANYWAY, that’s to let you know that I own Shun knives and I like them! I do like them, but everyone should also be aware that it isn’t for everyone.

Why spend 100+ dollars on knives if you won’t take care of them. They can hold an edge wonderfully, but if you don’t treat them well (Wash them immediately, dry thoroughly and store properly) they won’t keep that wicked edge. Yes, my knives fall through carrots and hard root veggies. Yes, they eat tomatoes, but that’s because I sharpen (properly, mind you, with stones) when needed, and I baby them to death.

If you are in this category of culinary enthusiasts, go for it.

If you throw them around, soak in soapy water, and cut on glass/metal/stone, then skip this. The value will be lost on you. Buy a 10 dollar knife. If you want a good workhorse knife, buy a forschner with the fibrox handle. Doesn’t look as sexy, but it gets the job done and takes a great edge. Honestly, if I could go back in time I’d probably save the hundreds of dollars and just grab a few of these. Cheap enough that you wouldn’t mind using a pull through sharpener (MIND YOU THAT THESE SHARPENERS WILL RUIN YOUR SHUN BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ANGLED FOR JAPANESE KNIVES) and wouldn’t mind throwing around.

If you take knives seriously and take care of them- these Shun ones might be for you.

The Classic santoku will run you about 100 at BBB with the 20% off. This set is an upgrade on the classic, and it’s a great price.

Bought his last time around. Cutting board is quite large which is a nice touch. It is also very soft wood which reduces wear on the knives. The knives themselves are incredibly sharp and very beautiful as is usual for shun. I didn’t really know what exactly to use the utility knife for at first but now it’s my go to for anything I don’t want to risk the blade of my regular shun knives on. Highly recommended at this price.

I own the Shun Premier 8" Chef’s knife, so I haven’t used either of these exact knives, but I wanted to insert a note about the feel of the Premier line. I had a hard time finding the Premier to try in store when I was knife shopping about a year ago. I took a shot and purchased online anyway, based on the fact that I liked the feel of the Shun Classic line. I just didn’t want a right- or left-hand specific knife because I my family contains both. (ETA - I am right-handed.)

I love the feel of the larger Premier handle. It fits my hand well and is comfortable for extended vegetable chopping sessions. Even butternut squash doesn’t pose a large challenge with this knife. Family members who try my knife talk about getting their own. Note that we all have hands on the larger side, so that may play into our liking of this handle style. The hammered look on the knife blade is also gorgeous!

I do pamper my knife by washing and drying immediately after use and using a honing steel about every other week. As a previous poster mentioned, these knives need to be treated with care.

What I would say is, “These knives are not worth that money for a casual chef”. If you are not a pro chef or if you do not spend hours cutting things these aren’t for you.

I wish I could afford these…they are amazing!