Shun Pro 3 Piece VG-10 Super Steel Knife Set

Too much for me.

just what i need…

Here’s to another two hrs…

And the woot-off killer appears.



Knife set number 01. \o/

Woot-Off Killer

Oh goody, more pricey knives!

not their A game

Lunch time at woot headquarters

Dishwasher safe, perfect for washing the blood off.

aww, cut it out already!


at least the arent the $600 set.

These are probably the best knives around. Shun and Global are total win.

I love the shun knives, but I’m holding out for a Ken Onion 8" chef’s.

Would be better if it was a set of different knives. Deba and (especially) Yanagiba are so limited for household use…

Are ferret’s able to use these knives too? Or strictly hamsters wearing a hockey mask, slicing vegetables?