Shun Pro II 3 Piece VG-10 Super Steel Knife Set

super steal steel

ok who buys 250 dollar knives WHO WHO WHO!!!


shun knives

who knew?

expensive KaNiffs!

Once again, knife.woot inches closer to reality.


Go Wings!

This has already been up!! When is the bag of crap coming??!! I’m about ready to go get drunk

Too bad we can’t “Cut” this one short…

These are not even the type I would buy, give me a chefs knife not a sushi knife!?

Niccce re-run… I thought they were cheaper hours ago…

These look mean

Plz have 500 of these. BRB

Chefs do, I would buy these but, I rather get more knives and a carrier for 500 dollars.

Wow 250 bucks! Do these knives cut by themselves?

are these to put in my new $150 block of wood?

By far the best for those (not me!!0 who can afford…

Where’s my Box of Crayolas???

Good night. Go Wings!

i think we are all waiting for the same thing here and we dont want or need overpriced cutlary

Do they always give out a Bag-O-Crap during woot-offs?