Shun Steel Series 11 Piece Block Set

How is this a woot? Over $400?

$435!?!?! for knives?

hopefully they only have 3 sets or something! Ahhhhhhhh!

Woot Killah

lol @ 5th day in the writeup

Wow, your true love only gives you a 6" Boner?

Sucks to be you!

It must be break time at Woot! Time for some of us to get a little work done…

Wifey McStabby
or is that Stabby McKnife

Wooter eclovell lives in Colorado! WOOHOO!!!


This should slow things down.

this is not what i wanted to wake up to…

it was a 3-piece knife set by Shun

Only a 6" boner?

Wow, great deal on these just for the brand. They’re $100 more at

This is a joke, right? over $400 for knives? Holy stainless steel batman!

Wow…for that price…those knives better do the cooking too !

Guess I’ll work for a few hours …

time to take a breath, who wants $400 knives…

Wow—Woot Killer…See you guys tomorrow.

You haven’t been here very long, have you…