Shure Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

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Shure Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
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These are revered in the music-making community for both live sound and studio recording. Great mic and great deal, Woot!!

For those of you who aren’t audio types, the SM 57 and SM 58 are the workhorse microphones for live sound. This mike is a great middle of the road microphone for just about anything. You’ll need something to plug it into of course, as it is not a powered microphone or USB microphone, but if you are doing any sort of live or studio amplification or recording, this is a bread and butter microphone choice to keep around. I haven’t a clue whether this is a good price or not, as I have never bought one, but I have used them.

I taught music and performed for many years and can attest to the merits of this mic (just about any performing musician who has done more than 2 or 3 gigs has probably used this mic). The SM57 is the “do everything” mic. It is a fantastic instrument mic. It works well with wind instruments, percussion, guitars (acoustic and electric (amps)), and just about any other instrument you need to run through a sound board.

It works ok for voice, but it is not my first choice for a cheap vocal mic. That honor goes to either its brother the SM58 or the Sennheiser e835. However, for the price, the SM57 will work.

Most probably know this, but this mic uses an XLR connection and is not designed to go straight into your computer - you’ll need a proper interface for that. Google is your friend.


Woot, work with Shure pro audio mics more often please. I’ve already have 5 of these. It’s rare there is ever a sale on these.

B&H has the SM57 for $99, so it looks like this is a good price.

Yes, this is an industry standard workhorse microphone, has been for decades and decades.Well known to place in front of a guitar amp, but vocal is fine too.
THIS IS A KILLER PRICE! With shipping your getting this at least 25% off everyday price at most brick and mortar stores(plus tax) across the country.
Run don’t walk to the buy it now.

I have one SM57 and one SM58 mic and I know I will definitely be getting more SM58s in the future… but do you think I will need more than one SM57? This is such a good price, but I don’t want to get one if I don’t need to…

You can NEVER find this mic new for under $99…Excellent deal

We use the SM58 at church and it’s great. This uses the same “internals” as the 58, the difference is the grille on top. The SM57 is designed for instruments and is flat on top, the SM58 is for voice and has a round grille with pop and breath screen.

Great mic at a great price. If I didn’t already have 4 of these I’d grab some more.

They’re almost impossible to overload so that’s why you often see them right up against drum heads or cranked up guitar amps.

In addition to good sound, they’re nearly indestructible. Mine have suffered years of abuse and still work great. There are stories of roadies using them as makeshift hammers then plugging them in for the show.

Been playing for years and this is my go to for guitar and drums. Shure is a great brand and these are bullet proof. At this price it’s a no brainer even if you don’t need one.

I wish I needed one! Haven’t used my own mics in awhile and I already have a couple 57s. This IS a killer price.

The SM57 is identical to SM58 except it has no ‘ball’ pop filter/windscreen. Excellent for instrument or vocal, just using an inexpensive (foam rubber) windscreen keeps a vocalist from contacting (“eating”) the mic. This would be a nice gift for a musician/singer who performs with sound reinforcement systems. At this price, if you know they need mics, get 3! Avoid any mic with a switch, or other generics using **57 & **58 designations. Shure SM57/SM58 is the longtime industry standard. (If you’re curious about the use/connection to various devices, learn about low impedance vs. high impedance mics - These are low, which all pro systems use.)

Hey Woot,
The market was flooded with Chinese fakes of these for a few years. They were sold through Guitar Center and other big music retailers. Did these come directly from Shure? If they didn’t they might be fakes.

As others have said, the SM-57 has for decades been the industry standard for live sound miking of instruments (not vocals). Every stage kit has some. That said, pretty much everyone sells them for $99 shipped. So today’s decision is: Buy 1 and save $25, buy 2 and save $55, buy 3 and save $85. If you have a performing band or run sound you’ll want at least 3.