Shure Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

I would like to know this as well. This deal it so good it makes me question the authenticity of the item being sold.

Me three.

If they were fake, would Woot be selling them with the Shure 1 year warranty? And wouldn’t you just return it to Woot for a refund if you discovered they were fake? How did GC and the other retail outlets deal with the Chinese versions in this instance?

Interesting timing, releasing these during the AES show.

I’ll note that the Shure booth at AES says that the retail price on these is $99.

I was suspicious too, but I went ahead and bought one. Turns out it is in fact a counterfeit, which Shure confirmed for me. Looks like I’ll be returning it.

I bought 3, they are counterfeit. You can tell by the blue/green internal wiring. Also it wasn’t that well molded, it felt like a cheap toy putting back together after examining the wiring.

Yikes. Several people saying these are fakes. Is there an established process to return for a refund to Woot?

Hey all- These have a 1yr Shure warranty. If you have any questions, please email with your order info.

Does Shure’s warranty support counterfeit items?

It’s disappointing that these turned out to be counterfeit. I sent an email to support and hopefully can get a refund so I can go buy a legit one.

How were you able to confirm these are fake? I’ve seen the accusations online but no confirmation from Shure or Woot. Could you point us to the source of your confirmation?

I had a dialogue directly with Shure, where they asked me for pictures and confirmed that these are counterfeit.

There are quite a few people on the internet who have done a side-by-side comparison between real and fake SM57s, for example this post on Reddit. The ones we have here are better fakes than some of what you’ll find online, but some of those telltale signs still exist, the most obvious one being that the wiring inside these mics is green/blue rather than Shure’s standard green/yellow. If you have any doubt about a mic’s authenticity, just take detailed photos of the product, accessories, and packaging and send them to Shure support. They won’t tell you what the differences are, to avoid helping the counterfeiters, but they’ll confirm that it’s a fake. And therefore there’s no chance that they’ll honor a warranty on something they can tell is a fake.

Also note that Shure doesn’t allow these to be sold for less than $99, so Woot is not an authorized dealer and didn’t get these from one. I wouldn’t expect a public confirmation from Shure, since counterfeits of their products are a widespread problem on the shadier parts of the internet. But Woot needs to notify all purchasers that they didn’t get what was advertised and offer a full refund.

Official word from buyer:
Units were procured from Shure Asia, Shure will still warranty the product and also, vendor will be more than willing to accept any units back as they stand by their purchase.

Please reach out to with your order info if you wish to return.

Your buyer lied to you. I ordered 3, and they all have the same serial number. Shure disagrees with your buyer regarding warranty status as well.

Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I did. I said:

This is what Woot had to say in response:

I at least tried to give Woot the chance to make it right before posting here. Now it is up to Woot to fix the situation.

I suggest Woot talk directly with Shure to remedy the situation. This is something that can get sticky and just trying to pass the buck or hand wave it away as someone else’s fault is just going to backfire.

This is so insane. Woot clearly didn’t verify the authenticity of these, and now they have the nerve to ask me to pay for the original postage, return postage AND charge me a restocking fee!

Here’s the direct response from Woot when asking to return for refund:

If I don’t a refund IN FULL, including shipping costs both ways, I will be opening a case with the FBI.