Shure SE210AK Black Noise Isolating Earphones

69.99? Am I buying a case of them?

seventy bucks better be some good bud

Wow expensive earphones.


is Black Noise the opposite of white noise?

so it only Isolated black noise??? Thats racist

When I read the item, the first thing I said to myself is “How is black noise different from white noise?” Then I facepalmed myself.

75 dah-yers?!

i’m done refreshing this wootoff. too many expensive craps.

And now we play the waiting game…

Seventy bucks for earbuds? That could buy me seven (or more) MP3 players during the Woot!off.

Already have a pair of d-jays…

A little price for something I would sweat up while running or lose. Pass thanks.

Will these fit my Droid Eris?

Oh jesus. $70 earbuds. Goodbye woot-off!

70 bucks for EAR BUDS? Seriously?

  • On the other hand, retail price is like twice that much … so… good deal. Relatively speaking.

It’s racial noise…

Nah. It’s equal, but separate.

Depends on the amount you get… Wait… Never mind…

MSRP on sale is $109. If you haven’t bought all the “wicked” earbuds they have on woot, please help us out!