Shut Up Wesley

Wil Wheaton hates this meme.
Just google it.

And you’re not Patrick Stewart.

This shouldn’t be a thing.

Show some integrity, Woot.

Seriously? Even if Wil Wheaton hadn’t been a contributor to shirtwoot! this would be sad and insulting.

Very disappointed.

While Wil is king of the nerds and sits upon his throne of games, is not in control internet memes. He wrote a good response about Lego’s recent mini-figure; That said, Wesley is a fictional character. Laughing at him is not the same as laughing at Wil.

Here’s what he said. “People have been saying this to me since I was fourteen. I’m nearly 45. I’ve heard this for the entirety of my adult life. It’s annoying. It isn’t funny, it isn’t clever, and it’s just become obnoxious.”

Here’s the source. “

Wil Wheaton is a friend (if not an icon) of geeks. I don’t think geeks should be getting cheap laffs off of him.

Wesley will be fine, and if you don’t yell the phrase at Wil, he’ll be fine too. Hooray for a healthy separation of fantasy and reality!